Return and Repair (Rework) of Departing Goods

Sometimes, after receiving goods from suppliers, we find issues with assembly craftsmanship, performance, software, or product nameplate identification. These issues directly affect the market sales and user experience of our products.

Through years of effort and market layout, our company has successfully applied to the Chinese Customs and obtained the qualification for bonded zone repair (maintenance). We can directly choose to return the problematic goods to Hong Kong. Our company arranges the retrieval of the goods in Hong Kong and their transfer to our bonded warehouse (repair site) in the Shenzhen bonded zone. Suppliers can directly choose to repair in the bonded warehouse, saving the complex procedures of returning to the factory, as well as the occupation of deposit and other import procedures.

After the goods are repaired (reworked) in the bonded area, they are directly shipped from the bonded area to the Shenzhen port or transferred to Hong Kong for departure.

This service has already successfully resolved numerous post-sale issues for many cross-border sellers, export enterprises, and trading companies. Reworked products include: mobile phones, tablets, projectors, dash cams, laptops, automotive connectors, navigators, drones, etc.