Our company can offer you warehousing services for domestic and international goods in the Shenzhen Bonded Area Warehouse. Our bonded warehouse is located in the Pingshan District of Shenzhen and currently spans a stable area between 8,000 and 10,000 square meters. The warehouse is equipped with 6 loading and unloading platforms, 2 specialized freight elevators (each with a 2000KG capacity), and 2 electric forklifts. Alongside, we have a team of 7 staff members managing warehouse operations, and the workforce for loading and unloading can be flexibly scaled to over 20 people based on demand.


The warehouse employs a slot management system and currently offers services for the storage of overseas goods, including sorting, packing, labeling, batch imports, and domestic distribution.


It is also fit for handling domestic goods purchased within China, consolidating them in the bonded warehouse for entire container overseas shipping, and subsequently arranging appropriate global freight locations based on global sales after consolidation.


Simultaneously, our established transportation service department can provide comprehensive transport guarantees throughout this process. This includes round-trip transportation (trailer services) from Hong Kong to our bonded warehouse and vice versa, from the Shenzhen port to our bonded warehouse.


Moreover, we facilitate the collection of goods from factories (suppliers) within China to our bonded area, or arranging domestic distribution services for goods after clearance from the bonded area to domestic factories (clients). This simplifies all logistics services.